Everything Fitz, Celtic Music and Dance, Friday, April 21, 2017 at the Polson High School Auditorium

aThe Everything Fitz outreach activity will provide a high-energy music and dance program while engaging students in an interactive learning experience. Members of the Fitzgerald family (Everything Fitz) will perform traditional Canadian Fiddle music and Ottawa-Valley step-dancing. Members of the group will explain the cultural heritage of these traditional art forms and demonstrate how the music and dance have evolved over time.

An essential part of the Everything Fitz educational outreach program is music appreciation. The Fitzgerald family believes the live music experience is a two-way street: the performers respond to the students in the audience and the students respond through the interactions and reactions to the musical experience. This outreach performance is an aural, visual and kinesthetic experience. Watching the complex, coordinated movements of the different musicians and dancers heightens the emotional response to the music and adds to the enjoyment of it. Everything Fitz believes attending live concerts is an important part of experiencing music, and therefore, an important part of developing music appreciation, educationally and emotionally.

Performance Details