Maracujá – Latin World Music, Thursday and Friday, January 12- 13, 2017

KMoravec_Maracujá_Watermarked_20_webMaracujá – Latin World Music educational outreach programs will take students on an “up close and personal journey” around Latin America through music. The programs introduce students to new Latin American cultures and traditions through a variety of hands-on musical experiences. The band will provide 45-minute active learning workshops to two or three groups of students, based on student and staff interest. These workshops will be offered simultaneously or in different class periods depending on the school’s schedule.

Each of the workshops will provide demonstrations, explanations and hands-on learning experiences about instruments and vocals unique to music throughout Latin America. Sam, the band’s percussion player, will offer a workshop focused on percussion instruments and rhythms. Terrence and Caitlin, the band’s guitar player and singer will provide a workshop focused on distinctive string instruments and vocals.

Performance Details