Maracujá – Latin World Music, Thursday and Friday, January 12- 13, 2017

KMoravec_Maracujá_Watermarked_20_webMaracujá – Latin World Music educational outreach programs will take students on an “up close and personal journey” around Latin America through music. The programs introduce students to new Latin American cultures and traditions through a variety of hands-on musical experiences. The band will provide 45-minute active learning workshops to two or three groups of students, based on student and staff interest. These workshops will be offered simultaneously or in different class periods depending on the school’s schedule.

Each of the workshops will provide demonstrations, explanations and hands-on learning experiences about instruments and vocals unique to music throughout Latin America. Sam, the band’s percussion player, will offer a workshop focused on percussion instruments and rhythms. Terrence and Caitlin, the band’s guitar player and singer will provide a workshop focused on distinctive string instruments and vocals.

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Two Bit Franks Bluegrass, Friday, December 2, 2016 at the Ronan Performing Arts Center

twoThe Two Bit Franks – outreach program will be an informative, interactive session that lasts approximately one hour. Members of the band perform for students, talk with them about where bluegrass music comes from and demonstrate classic songs of the genre. Throughout the program band members highlight various instruments in their collection, describe what the instruments are made of and explain the different roles each instrument has in the songs, again with unique demonstrations for each instrument or set of instruments. Band members also demonstrate and talk with students about the various vocals and harmony stacks that are unique to bluegrass music. At the end of the program, band members engage students in a lively Q&A session.

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Fubuki Daiko Japanese Drumming, Monday, October 31, 2016 at the Polson High School Auditorium

44277b_25d55454487741959a99cb14e64bac98The outreach activities for the Fubuki Daiko – Japanese Drumming and Dance project include two school outreach experiences. One is a 45-minute concert and one, a two-hour drum workshop.

The 45-minute drumming and dance program will be designed for an audience of middle and high school age students and held at the Polson High School auditorium. In addition to students from the two Polson public schools, middle and high school age students from Mission Valley Christian Academy will be invited. The afternoon outreach program will include brief interludes for descriptions of Fubuki Daiko’s drumming and percussion instruments as well explanations of the Japanese culture that grounds Fubuki Daiko’s traditional heritage of drumming and dance.

The two-hour drum workshop will be an invitational workshop also held at Polson High School. Invitees will include members of Indian Culture Clubs in the 7 middle and high schools on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Invitees will also include adult and youth members of local tribal drum groups.

Mission Valley Live outreach volunteers will work with Dana Hewankorn, director of educational outreach services at the Peoples Center, to coordinate and promote the Fubuki Daiko drumming workshop. The intended focus of the workshop will be to foster awareness, understanding and appreciation for the influence of drumming in the culture of the Japanese people and the people of Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

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Guy Mendilow Ensemble, Thursday, October 6, 2016 at the Ronan Performing Arts Center

BW__B_-Ensemble-_wall-shot_The outreach activity for The Guy Mendilow Ensemble is titled “Around the World in Song. “ This will be a workshop designed for elementary age students. In the workshop children will meet some of the most important members of the Mendilow band: the instruments themselves. Children will meet and get to know a little about the berimbau, the munnharpa (jaw harp), the Peruvian cajon (box drum) and the art of overtone singing. Members of the Ensemble will tell children fun, engaging stories, will invite them to participate in exciting rhythm activities from different cultures, and participate in joyous sing alongs, sung in up to six languages from around the world.

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