Duke Otherwise - Noah "Ebenezer Duke" Show


Date: Friday, December 2, 2022

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Polson High School

Concert Details: Duke Otherwise is a playful wordsmith, a spirited performer, a skilled guitarist and captivating tap-dancer. Using his distinct baritone, he sings his hilarious and imaginative songs that all ages will delight in together.
From Madison, WI, Duke plays nearly 150 shows a year throughout the midwest and beyond; in libraries, schools, living rooms, churches, theatres, festivals, and fairs. His energetic live show is filled with improvisation, audience participation, dancing, and outrageous fun!

Mr. Otherwise's recordings are filled with stellar musicianship, memorable characters,
whimsical topics, silliness, and a vast array of instruments and musical styles for all ages.
"Watching the kids and families who attend a Duke Otherwise show is truly a wonder. It's always a packed room, and Duke shows a genuine love for sharing his music that translates into an enjoying, engaging show for ALL ages. I can always tell that the kids feel comfortable and at ease at his shows, and Duke really lets their true selves shine. Ten out of ten, this librarian recommends!"