The Rebecca Folsom Band

Date: Friday, October 4, 2024

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Ronan Performing Arts Center

Concert Details: Rebecca Folsom’s music is about liberation. Her songs crack open hearts, inspire hope, and leave listeners with a deeper perspective. Rebecca’s world-class voice traverses a near-four-octave range.

Performer Bio: Colorado singer-songwriter, Rebecca Folsom believes every lyric, every note, every musical collaboration carries the potency to change the world. With her new recording, Sanctuary, Rebecca is on a mission to do that one listener at a time. Moving with ease through her four-octave range she plucks the instrument of the heart with tender fearlessness and fiery passion all meant to awaken unfettered aliveness.

Rooted in folk and gospel, the songs from Sanctuary intimately tell universal human stories. Each song, written with or for marginalized communities, is intent upon bringing voice to the parts of ourselves and of our society we have exiled. These heartfelt, raw, and honest stories reveal where the myth of separation is causing great human suffering. The songs are exquisite sonic landscapes that face our suffering and offer heartfelt, one-at-a-time solutions. From lilting intimate storytelling to the unbridled rise of impassioned choral harmonies, Rebecca’s new songs are potent medicines. If you need a dose of light and hope and fiery inspiration for the truth, the shadowy depths, and the goodness of humanity, reach for the songs of Sanctuary.